Blood Moon Calling MOD APK Unlimited Money/Free Premium Choices

In a world where darkness and mystery collide, where secrets are hidden in the shadows, and love teeters on the edge of danger, there exists a captivating otome game known as “Blood Moon Calling MOD APK.”

This game takes you on a thrilling journey, a tale of intrigue, romance, and vampire aristocracy. Are you ready to step into a world where your choices shape your destiny?

A World in Peril

The story begins with a comfortable life suddenly shattered by the mysterious disappearance of your father and the relentless spread of an enigmatic scourge. As you embark on a quest for a cure, your path takes an unexpected twist.

You are abducted by a dangerous vampire lord, your fate unknown, and your world plunged into the depths of the night.

The Allure of Darkness

“Blood Moon Calling” weaves a mesmerizing narrative, immersing you in a world of Gothic castles, concealed passages, and opulent decadence. As you venture deeper into this captivating darkness, you must make choices that will define your fate.

Will you strive to halt the relentless scourge and find true love amidst the shadows, or will you succumb to forbidden desires and embrace your place in the underworld?

Blood Moon Calling MOD APK Unlimited Money and Free Premium Choices

Blood Moon Calling MOD APK Unlimited Money and Free Premium Choices

The Enigmatic Characters

Central to the intrigue of “Blood Moon Calling” are its enigmatic characters, each harboring their own secrets and complexities:


The Town Doctor: Cassius, cold and pessimistic, is the town’s skilled physician with a complete lack of bedside manner. Beneath his icy exterior lies a mystery waiting to be unraveled. Can you prove to Cassius that love can overcome his troubled past?


The Devout Priest: Raoul, your childhood friend and a devout priest, is a beacon of kindness and loyalty. Yet, when his world begins to crumble, your love and devotion are put to the test. Will you be the anchor that keeps him grounded?


The Puppet Master: Virgil, the eccentric puppet master, revels in riddles and sees life as a grand performance. Can you see beyond his playful facade and discover the man hidden beneath the masks?

Choose Your Destiny

“Blood Moon Calling” is not merely a game; it’s an immersive experience where your choices matter. Your decisions will influence the outcome of the story and the relationships you form.

Will you navigate the treacherous waters of vampire aristocracy, uncover the truth about your enigmatic companions, and, most importantly, reveal the secrets within yourself?

A Gothic Romance to Remember

In “Blood Moon Calling,” you’ll find a gripping otome game that transcends the ordinary. It’s a journey into the heart of darkness, where love and mystery intertwine.

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Wrapping Up

So, embrace the allure of the night, make your choices wisely, and uncover the secrets of vampire aristocracy in this enthralling two-season romantic epic.

The Kingdom of Blood Moon Calling is an otome game filled with mystery, romance, and vampire intrigue. Choose your path wisely and uncover dark secrets in this captivating two-season epic.

Blood Moon Calling MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Premium Choices
  • Free Download

Version:- v3.0.20

Play Store:- Blood Moon Calling: Otome Game

Blood Moon Calling MOD APK