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Game Name Brawl Stars
Size: 150 MB

Brawl Stars Review Game Facts with Questions Answers from regular Android user’s feedbacks. With Max sort of opinions and feedbacks from Brawl Stars Gameplay and walkthrough.

Also, review all the facts about the brawl stars game. So, we check the character and tier lists of this game. The developer of this game is SuperCell team.

1. Who is the mother of Shelly brawl stars?Answer: The mother of Shelly brawl stars is Rose.

2. Why people like brawl stars too much?Answer: The reason why people like brawl stars because the Brawl Stars game is most popular in children’s audience. As kids parents also allow the children to play the game without any supervision. Because this game is specially designed for kids.

3. How I know the position of my account of brawl star all over the world?                  Answer: You can check your account position of brawl stars by visiting the leaderboard section. And it depends on the count of trophies that you win during the league.

4. How to hack brawl stars gems without human verification?                                  Answer: If you are looking to hack brawl stars gems without any human verification then you need the modded version of the Apk+OBB data file.

5. How to be a creator in Brawl stars like RC star?                                                                Answer: You can be a creator in Brawl Stars then head to the Brawl Stars shop section after that paste your creator code in the blank.


Brawl Stars Review Game Facts

Brawl Stars Review Game Facts


6. How to get free gems in brawl stars without giving money?                                                    Answer: To get free gems in the Brawl Stars game without using your money then you require to use the mod apk version of Brawl Stars.

7. How can I unlock Byron in brawl star?Answer: If you want to play the role of Byron character in brawl stars on a free basis with a modded version.

8. Which app is best to make Brawl Stars thumbnails?                                                  Answer: For making brawl stars thumbnails then their lots of other thumbnails maker apps on the play store platforms.

9. Which game is better free fire or brawl stars?                                                              Answer: Most of the users ask for a better guide to choose free fire or brawl stars. After playing both games we love the brawl stars game because it is more entertaining as compared to another game concept.

10. How to get free gems in Brawl Stars Without Hack?                                            Answer: Without using the hack feature in Brawl Stars game then you have the option to follow the modded steps for extra or unlimited gems.

11. How to hide brawl stars in vivo?      Answer: Also, you want to hide the brawl stars app in vivo mobile by using the built-in features from the setting hide apps icon under the application setting.

Brawl Stars Facts

12. Which is better brawl stars or frag?Answer: We already recommend the Brawl Stars game as compared to the frag game because of the cartoonist animation with a unique concept.

13. How many users play Brawl stars in India?Answer: The count of India players or users in the Brawl Stars game is infinity. Because there is not a fixed download Count on a country basis.

14. Daily active users of brawl stars in India?
Answer: The active users of the Brawl Stars game are not fixed because there is not a single report on a country basis.

15. Are there any premium skins in brawl stars from supercell?
Answer: Also, be informed that the premium skins are brawl stars are only available from the store. And on every update, you will get new variants or designs of free skins.


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  • Game Name: Brawl Stars Review ?
  • Category: Adventure
  • Size: 150 MB
  • Download Count: 10,77,92
  • Developer: SuperCell
  • Genre: Action
  • App purchases: Yes
  • Advertisements: Yes
  • Current Version: 33.151