HideX MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked All)

Introducing HideX Mod APK – an app that transcends the ordinary to become your ultimate privacy guardian.

In an era where digital privacy has become paramount, finding effective ways to secure your personal files and apps is essential.

Decoding HideX: The Calculator That Guards Your Secrets

At first glance, HideX appears to be a simple calculator app. However, this ingenious disguise hides a powerful secret – a private vault that safeguards your most confidential files, photos, and apps.

Trusted by over 100 million users globally, HideX offers a password-protected gateway to your hidden treasures.

Why Choose HideX?

There are compelling reasons that make HideX the preferred choice for safeguarding your privacy:

Photo Vault: Secure Your Memories with Ease

HideX’s Photo Vault feature brings simplicity to safeguarding your memories. Automatic detection and recognition ensure that your photos and videos are secured seamlessly.

Create your private calculator vault to store photo albums, videos, and various file types, all protected by your chosen password.

App Hider: The Power of Dual Usage

Beyond hiding photos and videos, HideX empowers you to clone or hide apps across various categories.

This unique app hider enables you to import and launch apps within the calculator vault, making them accessible both in the outside space and hidden domain.

For enhanced security, apps can be locked with PIN codes and pattern locks, ensuring that only authorized users can access them.

Cloud Storage: Your Data, Always Secure

HideX brings peace of mind with its cloud storage and backup capabilities. Never worry about losing your files again, as cloud backup ensures your items are safe and retrievable.

Expand your device’s storage limit to infinity with cloud storage, making file loss a thing of the past.

HideX MOD APK Premium and Unlocked All

HideX MOD APK Premium and Unlocked All

Perfect Disguise: Protecting Your Secrets

With HideX, your privacy takes center stage. Disguised as a fully functional calculator, this app hider’s icon can be customized as desired.

This dynamic disguise adds an extra layer of protection to your hidden treasures.

Media Vault Management: Your Space, Your Rules

Managing files and apps becomes effortless with HideX. A spacious storage area allows you to organize, move, rename, and delete items within the secret vault.

Enjoy complete control over your files and apps, enhancing your experience within this discreet calculator and photo vault.

Multiple Vaults and Break-in Alerts: Unparalleled Security

HideX takes security to the next level with the option to create multiple secret vaults, each with distinct passwords.

This feature enables you to segregate files and apps for enhanced organization and security.

Additionally, activate the break-in alert feature to capture images of intruders attempting to access your calculator vault.

How to Use HideX: A Step Towards Privacy

Setting up HideX is a straightforward process. Set a password on the calculator panel and confirm it.

You can then begin adding files and apps, crafting your private vault. Remember to grant HideX access to your photos, media, and files for a seamless experience.

Embrace the Future of Privacy Protection with HideX

In a world where privacy is paramount, HideX emerges as the ultimate guardian. Its innovative approach to app hiding, photo vaults, and dual usage sets it apart.

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Wrapping Up

Safeguard your digital world with HideX – your privacy guardian that transcends boundaries and secures your secrets with unparalleled precision.

Download HideX today and embark on a journey of privacy and security that empowers you to control your digital footprint. Your secrets deserve the best protection – let HideX be your shield.

HideX MOD APK Features

  • Full Premium
  • Unlocked All
  • Free Download
  • No Ads (Advertisements)

Version:- v2.0

Play Store:- HideX – Calculator Photo Vault

HideX Mod Apk