Kaptioned MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked All)

Videos have become a primary mode of communication. Yet, did you know that a significant portion of these videos is watched on mute? This is where Kaptioned MOD APK steps in, delivering a seamless solution to elevate your video content and boost engagement.

Kaptioned has Artificial Intelligence to effortlessly detect, transcribe, and add subtitles to your videos. This caters to 85% of muted video views and significantly enhances engagement, shares, comments, and likes.

With the app, you can add text, captions, or headlines at any point in your video. Also, change styles, and experiment with colors, and subtitles to match your unique content creation style.

Kaptioned MOD APK Premium and Unlocked All

Kaptioned MOD APK Premium and Unlocked All

Breaking language barriers, Kaptioned introduces support for multi-language-generated subtitles.

Imagine displaying subtitles in two languages simultaneously, reaching a broader audience and maximizing the impact of your message.

Kaptioned puts you in control. Edit, change, and save your subtitles as often as you desire. Need the subtitles in a different format?

The app offers an option to export the generated .srt file, ensuring compatibility across various platforms.

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Wrapping Up

Elevate your content, captivate your audience, and stay ahead in the competitive realm of social media.

Kaptioned MOD APK Features

  • Full Premium
  • Unlocked All
  • Free Download

Version:- v8.5

Play Store:- Kaptioned: Automatic Subtitles

Kaptioned MOD APK