Kingdom Eighties APK MOD Free Download

Follow a journey back to the neon-drenched era of the eighties with “Kingdom Eighties APK MOD.” This standalone expansion to the award-winning Kingdom series offers a unique blend of micro-strategy and base-building, all wrapped in the vibrant hues of a bygone decade.

About this game, in the world of “Kingdom Eighties,” you play as The Leader, defending your town, your family, and a precious legacy from the relentless Greed.

A Micro-Strategy Adventure: “Kingdom Eighties” places you in the shoes of The Leader, a young camp counselor entrusted with the defense of their town against the mysterious Greed.

These relentless foes are after your family’s legacy, the Crown of Creation. Who are these monsters, and what drives them to covet your family’s heritage? It’s your job to find out and stop them at all costs.

Recruit, Build, and Fortify: To stand against the Greed, you’ll need a team. Recruit the neighborhood kids and assign them essential roles as soldiers or builders. Use the coins wisely to construct and expand your kingdom, and fortify it with walls and defensive turrets.

But don’t let your guard down; when night falls, the Greed will attack mercilessly. The Crown of Creation is your key to everything, so protect it at all costs.

Kingdom Eighties APK MOD Free Download

Kingdom Eighties APK MOD Free Download

Secrets Await: Every game in the Kingdom series is filled with secrets, and “Kingdom Eighties” is no exception.

Explore your surroundings to unlock mounts, discover technology upgrades and weapons, and learn the art of resource management to ensure your survival in this neon-infused world.

For Veterans and Newcomers Alike: “Kingdom Eighties” is designed to cater to both seasoned Kingdom series players and newcomers.

It builds upon the well-known mechanics of the previous games while deep-diving into the lore and world-building of the series. If you’re new to the Kingdom universe, fear not; the story elements will seamlessly guide you through the gameplay mechanics.

Meet Your Companions: Along your journey, you’ll encounter three essential supporting characters: The Champ, The Tinkerer, and The Wiz.

Each character brings unique abilities to the table, and you’ll need to combine their skills to solve puzzles and conquer the challenges of each level.

Explore the Neon-Era Streets: “Kingdom Eighties” takes you beyond the confines of the summer camp into a world of ’80s nostalgia. Roam through locations you’ve never seen before in the Kingdom series.

Find stylish wheels at the skateboard park, explore the shops on Main Street, and liberate the New Lands Mall from the clutches of Greed. The ’80s come alive with every step you take.

Pixel Art Meets Synthwave: If you’re a fan of Kingdom’s iconic handcrafted art style, you’re in for a treat. “Kingdom Eighties” merges the classic pixel art with a neon touch, evoking the aesthetics of the eighties.

Show yourself in the retro vibes and groove to the synth-wave soundtrack by Andreas Hald. It’s a trip back to the days of bike riding and summer camps, where endless possibilities await.

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Wrapping Up

“Kingdom Eighties” is a journey through time and a test of your strategic prowess. Defend your legacy, uncover the mysteries of the Greed, and bask in the nostalgic glow of the ’80s.

It’s a micro-strategy adventure that pays homage to the Neon era while delivering thrilling gameplay and storytelling.

Kingdom Eighties APK MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Full Paid Version
  • Unlocked All Premium
  • APK+OBB Data File
  • Free Download

Version:- 1.1.1

Play Store:- Kingdom Eighties

Kingdom Eighties APK MOD